Bubble Calendar

a poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day

A wall calendar you can't stop popping!

Bubble Calendar Combines Fun and Functionality

Available At Http://www.BubbleCalendar.com

Brooklyn, NY
Bubble Calendar LLC introduces the new version of its classic calendar design -a poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day. Described as "The Cleverest Calendar Ever" in a review by Guy Kawasaki, this modern calendar is appropriate for any design-conscious home or office.

The calendar is fully functional, with days of the week and all major holidays marked and weekends bolded for easy reference. The calendars make a big statement at 48" x 18" (122cm x 46cm). The paper-backed version retails at $20.11. They are available at select retailers and online at Http://www.BubbleCalendar.com Each Bubble Calendar is handmade in Brooklyn, U.S.

"Everyone is looking for an excuse to pop more bubbles. This calendar gives it a useful purpose: marking time in style. " says Stephen Turbek, designer of the Bubble Calendar, explaining the inspiration behind the design. "Kids love learning about the calendar while popping the bubbles."

Bubble Calendar is also the perfect gift for that obsessive person in your life; as long as they don't pop the whole year the first day!

About Bubble Calendar
Bubble Calendar designs and manufactures the Bubble Calendar line in Brooklyn, NY. For additional information, visit Http://www.BubbleCalendar.com

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